Ten answers to your burning questions,

general ones or about my services! 

1. Why should I hire a professional photographer?

Nowadays, it is possible to take photos many different ways with all the accessible tools we have. Cel phones, point-n-shoot cameras, detachable lenses cameras, photo retouching apps. So why hire a professional photographer?

If some cell phones and some basic cameras do a decent job, photography is more than framing and pushing a button.  You have to take into account a series of elements which contribute to making a good photo (framing, lighting, the subject, positioning, background, just to name a few). 

Retouching is part of the photographer's work and has been for much longer than the digital era has been around.  It is used to make corrections and make the original photo better and it also part of the creative process.  

Let's be honest, some photos are too important to ask Uncle Bob to take them with his cell phone! And beware of amateur photographers who act like they are professionals since Uncle Bob told them their photos are beautiful! (No offense to all the Uncle Bob of this world!) If some amateurs have a lot of talent and can clain to be photographers with no shame, it is not the case for all of them.  

Whether it is for your personnel or professional needs, a profesionnal photographer will know how to guide you and offer you the quality photos that you need and he/she will know how to put you at ease and offer you a unique creative process. 

2. Which elements should I look for when choosing a photographer?

When choosing a photographer, take some time to took at what they have done before. The porfolio is the most important tool for you to see the creative style of the photographer and decide if it fits what you are looking for.  

Experience can be another criteria, but not exclusively.  For example, some photographers that just came out of school have enough talent to compensate their lack of experience.  But still, it is a criteria that can help you choose, depending on your needs. 

Note that if budget is important, the choice of a photographer should not only be based of the lowest price you can get. Being a photographer is expensive.  Beware of prices that are too low.  (As the saying goes, you get what you pay for!)

3. Are your prices negociable?

No.  Just as you don't bargain with your hairdresser, your plumber or the price of your meal at the restaurant, my prices are based on a multitude of factors that need to be taken into account when deciding the price of a service.  I am already offering the lowest prices I can. 

4. Is it possible to get all the photos taken during the shoot, without any retouching?  

No. Even if it's hard to make a choice between all the photos taken during a shoot, retouching is part of my creative process.  The final retouched photo is representing me as well as the quality of my work and my creativity.  
If digital photography allows us to take a higher number of photos, not all of them will go through the retouching process.  I want to give my clients high quality work so in that sense, I do not give non-retouched photos.   

5. Is it possible to get more final retouched photos than the number included in the packages? 

Yes, it is possible for sure.  Additional fees will be added by final retouched photos. 

6. Which elements are considered when asking for a tailor-made quote?

Many elements are to be considered for a tailor-made quote, for you the client as well as for the photographer. Here are a few examples:
- Budget.  Make sure you know in advance how much you want to spend and don't hesitate to tell your photographer.  He/she will be able to tell you if it is the right budget for your project.   

- Location.  Is the shoot taking place in a studio, outside, at your house or your business? The photographer can also help you find the perfect location, if needed. Note take travel expenses can be added if outside the covered zone.  Therefore, make sure you take that into consideration when planning your shoot.  

- The number of participants / the number of products.  That can influence the price, therefore it is important to know in advance the number of participant ou products that you want to have featured.   

- The desired number of final retouched photos. That number will influence the price.  Make sure to evaluate your needs properly.  

The photographer can help you answer the last three questions et and will be able to tell you if you have the right budget for your project or what he/she can offer you to meet your needs and your budget.   

7. I see you can come to me!  How far?

There's no limits!  The passeport is ready, and if your shoot takes place in the south, no problem for me!  ;)  

Joking aside, travel fees are included in my packages, up to a limit of a 30 kms radius. Above 30kms, travel fees will be added.  

8. Which payment methds are accepted and how long do I have to pay?

I accept cash with the exact amount, interac transactions, cheques and credit card payments (via the  Square platform).  You will receive a bill and a receipt for your payment.  All services have to be paid for in the 30 days following the shoot date.  

9. Does your packages include prints?

No.  Packages include digital photos.  It is possible to ask for prints, but they won't be included in the price.

10. I have more questions! Where can I reach you?

Click here!  I'll be happy to answer you!